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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting a Free Ubuntu

Ubuntu 10.4 has been released officially in 2010 ago. There are a few of my colleagues are asking how to order a ubuntu cd from the official website. So that you all know how I share it on my blog:). Ubuntu 10.4 can be downloaded through various mirror servers. For those who have trouble doing the download, so far Ubuntu provides a service by performing shipping ShipIt Ubuntu CD directly to the address request. This ShipIt service still can be used for Ubuntu 10.4, even when this booking has to be done, and once available will be sent.

Shipping CD Ubuntu is certainly going to take a few weeks since the reservations are made. And keep in mind, although the Ubuntu CD is distributed for free but when you receive the CD, you will be charged (repackaging of:)) by the post office is based on the experience so far bears the cost of shipping 15,000, 00 course (depending on the area you live .)


1. Please click the link below to order:
Click Here

2. Then you sign in (list yourself.)

3. Then login, and you also can order free ubuntu cd.

this example I'm ordering the cd ubuntu server and desktop as well:)

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