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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

System Spec 2.91

System Spec - a tool that allows you to view and print the specification of the system, as well as perform some deystviya.System Spec displays information about the operating system, processor and other hardware. All information can be exported to HTML and CSV.

System Spec shows the following information about your computer:
- version of Windows.
- Version of Internet Explorer.
- Memory.
- The type of processor.
- CPU speed.
- Sound card.
- Video card.
- Screen Resolution.
- Network adapters.
- Nutritional status.
- Time zone.
- Drives CD / DVD.
- Ports COM, LPT.
- Hard Drives.
- Devices of USB, Firewire.
- Serial number.
- The status of the battery.
- Information BIOS.

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