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Saturday, June 11, 2011

cheat Ayo Dance NHAH 1.3 v6067 11 June 2011

cheat Ayo Dance NHAH 1.3 v6067 11 June 2011
Released : 11 June 2011

Features and Hotkeys :
[-]PF All Mode ON = Left Winkey
[-]PF All Mode OFF = Left Shift
[-]Auto Key ON = Right Shift + 1
[-]Auto Key OFF = Right Shift + 2
[-]Quick Exit Auditon = F12


Note :
[-]Disable EagleNT first !!

Spoiler for : Click For Download...

Credit :
[-]BilL'z Mud

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7 komentar:

Rynsyta said...

file dll nya mana om

Hackazer said...

langsung auto inject om.. :D

Hackazer said...

file dll sudah di gabungin sama injectornya itu..

Anonymous said...

tapi kok ga kluar notice ya kk...kyk ga ke inject DLL nya...untuk informasi di test di windows 7....but keep berkarya kk....but i like

Avenged-7Fold said...

Ga Work =='

Henry said...

Hha....bener tuh kta kluar notice sama sekali

Anonymous said...

keluar sih noticenya, cma tetep ga work....

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