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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cheat Ninja Saga FullHack 08 June 2011

cheat Ninja Saga FullHack 08 June 2011
Released : 08 June 2011
Tools :
[-].swf files

Features :

1. Cheat EXP Char
2. Cheat EXP Pet
3. Cheat Auto Pilot
4. Cheat Instant Mission Chunin
5. Cheat Instant Mission Jounin
6. Cheat Intant All Mission
7. Cheat Gold
8. Cheat Achievement Point Hack
9. Cheat Tensai Jounin (Not Permanent)

the way is same as the other cheats that requires fiddler2 to works..

how To :
[-] Go To FaceBook > Ninja Saga > Academy

Spoiler for : Click For Download...

Credit :

First Creator :
Kurakumo Syndicates

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2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

can u tell me where can i get that swf file????

Hackazer said...

just download the files..
it is inside RAR archives

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