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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheat Point BLank FullHacks New 18 June 2011

Cheat Point BLank FullHacks New 18 June 2011
Released : 18 June 2011

Features + Hotkeys :
[-]AWP Burst = AutoOn
[-]MP7 Burst = AutoOn
[-]SPAS Point/Cash Burst = Auto ON
[-]SG Gosong Burst = Auto ON
[-]1 HIT MP7 ext. = AutoOn
[-]1 HIT SPAS Point/Cash = Auto ON
[-]1 HIT SG Gosong, dan AWP = Auto ON
[-]INVICIBLE Time,Pasang Defuse, No respawn = NUMPAD1
[-]WallHack in D3D Menu

Note ;
[-]Tekan Enter kalau muncul NOTICE
[-]Aktifkan Saat Di Lobby, Wallhack Ada di D3D menunya

Cara Pakai :
[-] Buka Point SofHack.exe
[-] Buka Pb Launcher
[-] Start pb
[-] Ada notice Ok ok aja
[-] Jangan Gerakkan Mouse
[-].Notice Di Enter
[-].Menutup Browser Gunakan alt+F4
[-].Happy Cheats
[-] Saat Memasukkan Password jangan Gunakkan Mouse Untuk Login
[-] Gunakan Tombol Enter

Spoiler for : Click For Download...

Credit (DLL) :
[-]Andrie Malmstein

Thanks to :
[-]All Member Cosmic
[-]All Member S|C
[-]All Member N2
[-]All Member Snutz

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