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Monday, June 13, 2011

Skype Exploitation

Skype Exploitation

1.File Bombing

Now file bombing is the art of sending 100+ files to someone on Skype ALL at once. This almost ALWAYS makes people's Skype stop responding and or make their computer stop responding. For this you will need an old version of Skype. This version is what I use and it is greatly needed for the other exploits. Go to Old Apps
and select Skype under messengers, and select Skype Download it and install.

Once you have done that login and it should look like this...

Simply create a folder with numerous notepads and keep copying and pasting them and copying and pasting them until you have 100+. Then right click a contact, go to the folder were your notepads are and select all. SEND SEND SEND! Yes a lot of windows will pop up on your end but its killing them. So thats how you file bomb.

Skype Crashing

This exploit can crash your victims Skype in about 3 seconds. Simply go into any call/group call and get access to the chat. Once your in the call's chat simply type

/topic &#asd;

This allows you to convert an integer value on their Skype and crashes their Skype. Although it will crash you too if you don't have Skype 3.8. So stick with 3.8!

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