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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cheat Wild Ones Unlimited Weapons Update 23 July 2011

Cheat Wild Ones Unlimited Weapons Update 23 July 2011
Released : 23 July 2011

Tools :
[-]Cheat Engine

Features :
[-]Unlimited Weapons

1. Open Cheat Engine

2. Select Process (computer images), select the browser you are using, especially for mozilla select 'plugin-container.exe'

3. Select 4 bytes> instead of a weapon other than a rocket & special pet (ie: granade)> first scan number (eg: 25)> subtract 1 (for example, from 25 so 24)> next scan, and so on. until only one> if already lived a drop below

4. Right-click> search for the word 'Find out what accesses this address'> (if not throw a weapon out again)> looking for who reads' mov [edx +50], eax' (the computer wishnet), or if in your computer may be 'mov [edx + xx], xxx 'birds of a feather just> click 1x> click' Show dissambler '

5. Exit "Memory Viewer"> press CTRL + A / (Tools> Auto Assemble)> template> code injection> enter

6. Find the writings of 'mov [edx +50], eax' / like> below it have any posts again> delete reply beneath> replace the word 'mov' to 'add' & 'eax' to '99 '(the so' add [edx + 50], 99)> Execute> Yes Done Cheat

usage :
Click 'Change Weapon' then give HOTKEY,
how: mouse over the weapon to be used then hold 'Shift' & press the number '0 -9 '. Out of the change weapon & press numbers 0-9 (for the desired weapon) * NB: Weapons Can Out, if gone Can Still Wear, If not Want Out of Weapons .... Just use that is up!

Credit :

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