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Saturday, August 13, 2011

cheat Ninja Saga NS Hack v3.5.2 Update 13 august 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga NS Hack v3.5.2 Update 13 August 2011

Release : 13 August 2011

Features and Tutorial :

[●] Ninjutsu Hack

#Amaterasu hack
[-]Equip All [choose one] jutsu lv 1

#Serene Mind
[-]Equip All [choose one] jutsu lv 2

#Meridian Seal
[-]Just for fire Jutsu lv 3

#Kinjutsu: Golem Protection
[-]Just for Earth Jutsu lv 3

#Water Bundle
[-]Just for fire Jutsu lv 5

[●] Taijutsu Hack

#Shield Hack for Protecting HP
[-]Equip taijutsu rapid strike

[-]Equip taijutsu dragon fist

#No cooldown For taijutsu lvl 60

[●] Genjutsu Hack

#Equip Fat women transformation
[-] 99 Stun

[●] Weapon Hack

#Damage hack
[-]999999 Damage

#Weapon Hack

Equip weapon gold lvl 1 - lvl 7

After Equip :

lvl1:Hidden blade yukihaku
lvl2:lady umbrella
lvl3:soul katana kusagi
lvl4:dorsal fin sword
lvl5:kusarigama: sanshiki
lvl5:dark dragon katana
lvl6:senga shuriken
lvl6:xumo nagamaki
lvl7:yakumo teboko
lvl7:gozen sasumata

[●] Body male:

#Artist suit Body Hack
[-]Equip newbie costume male

[●] Body female:
[-]Equip newbie costume female

[●] Back item:
Carrot launcher(#writing brush)
Radish launcher(#snowflake)

[●] Instant all mission
[●] Attribut character Hack

Creator :
[-]NH a.k.a Copoz

How to Use Cheat To Work :
1) Download SWF
2) Open the fiddler
3) Tick the Enable automatic responses
4) Tick Unmatched passthrough requests
5) Drop the swf to fiddler
6) Open your browser
7) Log in to FaceBook
8) Clear Cache
9) Go ninja Saga

Download :

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Bay_uuu_xxx said...

>>>> Refresh This Page<<<<

Anonymous said...

yang refresh di mananya kk ??
kok waktu saya juga equip memang bisa tuh..
works 100%

Anonymous said...

still refresh then page after login page into town...

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