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Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheat Point Blank NHI CB 3.9 UPdate 26 agustus 2011

Cheat Point Blank NHI CB 3.9 UPdate 26 agustus 2011

Released : 26 agustus 2011

Features :
[-] GRavity Hack

HOtkeys :
[-] Gravity
# Insert = On

[-] Gravity
# Delete = Off

How To Use NHI CB :
[-]Open PB Launcher
[-]Open Injector / Cheat NHI CB
[-]Start PB
[-]After The HS has been suspended by the injector / NHI
[-]Choose the Cheat Features and Press it
[-]Click Notice With Enter Button
[-]After it Resume

Download :

Credit :
[-]NH a.k.a copoz

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