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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheat Night Club City Restaurant Gold Hack v1 UPdate 01 October 2011

Cheat Night Club City Restaurant Gold Hack v1 UPdate 01 October 2011

Released : 1 October 2011

Tools :
[-]Cheat Engine
[-]Logic [ Credit NH ]

1. Open Night Club City on your facebook
2. Open CE as well.
3. Note on your Night Club City , See your Money, e.g > 9938
4. In CE, click "Process" -> "Open Process Windows" -> "Process List (long)

5. Then locate the "plugin-container.exe" -> click "Open" plugin is usually located on the 3rd row of a few plugins imaginable on top position.

[That's For Mozilla ]

6. Note on CE, please follow the following:

*> Fill it with a hex value 1500000 (according to the price of goods)
*> Scan Type = Exact Value
*> Value Type = 4byte
*> Check "Also scan read-only memory"

7. After the settings finished sixth in points. Then click "First Scan"

8. After Finished scanning, block all address recorded with the way press Ctrl + A (let me quickly so ...)

9.Klik the red arrow button to Make It Move To The bottom Place in the CE the "memory view," Ctrl + A also all the addresses and do not forget the check all the addresses to.

11. Right click on that address , then choose "Change Record" -> "Value"

12. Change to 1 From 1.5 million. Then click Ok

13. Now See in your Night Club City, the sElected Goods prices that priced 1.5 million has changed to 1.

14. Now buy as many goods.

Well, now we will double our money

Now, back to the CE.
Change the value that we have changed, and Change to 100000000 (one hundred million)
Then click OK.

Return to your Night Club City
so see its price have changed to 100 000 000
now immediately sell the goods that you have buy

(Items which sold 50% of the price so the price should be)

so that each of the goods you'll be able 50.000.000/Goods

ok ..
that's it

Credit :
[-]NH a.k.a Copoz

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