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Monday, December 19, 2011

cheat Ninja Saga ATM Exp new 19 December 2011

cheat Ninja Saga ATM Exp new 19 December 2011
Released : 19 December 2011

Tools :
[●] Fiddler2
[●] Browser
[●] .swf files

Features :
[●] ATM Exp New 19 December 2011 [Delay 10 Sec]
[●] upgrade character
[●] All Is Free

The way is same as the other cheat that requires fiddler2 to works

How to Use Cheat To Work :

[●] Download the SWF
[●] Open the fiddler
[●] Tick the Enable automatic responses
[●] Tick Unmatched passthrough requests
[●] Drop the swf to fiddler
[●] Open your browser
[●] Log in to FaceBook
[●] Clear Cache
[●] Switch fiddler Mode to 'ForceOn'
[●] Go ninja Saga
[●] Go to the HeadQuarter [HQ]
[●] Put This Code > 63978DCB04
[●] Enjoy the Cheats.. :D
[●] All IS Free

Download :

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3 komentar:

Anonymous said...

thx bro

KazeHaze said...

bisa buat PNS gk??

Hackazer said...

wah belum nyoba kk kalau buat PNS

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