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Monday, January 23, 2012

Eltima Advanced Keylogger 2.2.9 Full Version

Eltima Advanced Keylogger 2.2.9 Full Version | 6.18 MB
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With its advanced functionality and user-friendly interface, Advanced Keylogger has everything you need to track down child activity (parental control) on the Internet, check your spouse or monitor your employees. Our key logger proves to be a perfect monitoring tool with many useful features and simplicity in use.

Advanced Keylogger also monitors texts copied and cut to the clipboard, which is extremely important as most passwords are inserted not by typing but by pasting from the clipboard.

Monitor your PC while you are away
Everything typed in your computer cannot be hidden from Advanced Keylogger! Advanced Keylogger records every keystroke, including Windows passwords and logins. All activities are stored in encrypted easy-to-read logs.

Protect your children
You will immediately spot any danger by looking through what was typed, sent, received and visited. Moreover, Advanced Keylogger takes screenshots of desktop activity at specified periods of time, so while looking through them you will get a feeling like you were present in front of your PC all the time. To warn your child that the computer is monitored, you can configure the "monitoring warning" message any way you want.

Receive logs at your e-mail
It records everything - every keystroke (even Unicode keystrokes), passwords and logins (even Windows Logon passwords) to encrypted easy-to-understand logs and can send reports secretly to your e-mail address, so you can check on them later without even touching the monitored computer. Smart e-mail sending mechanism ensures that all logs will be secretly delivered to specified mailbox.

Full features list:
Capture users Winlogon passwords
Record everything your PC users type
Track every website visited
Secretly take desktop screenshots
Invisibly monitor clipboard activities
Totally invisible to everyone but you
Monitors e-mail clients and instant messengers
Sends reports to your mailbox without alerting anyone
Encrypts recorded logs, so no one but you can read them
Stays password protected, so only you can configure it
Randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC
Automatically uninstalls itself within time if you wish
Monitors all user accounts in your system

Download :

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