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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ReconstructMeQt 1 Full Version + Cracked

ReconstructMeQt 1 Full Version + Cracked | 20 Mb All is Free
ReconstructMeQt provides a graphical user interface to real-time 3d reconstruction utilizing the ReconstructMe SDK. The ReconstructMeQt frontend is available for free and is open source. It is licensed under BSD and thus available for non-commercial and commercial use. ReconstructMeQt offers : Easy User Interaction The user interface provides functionality to start and to pause the scan process, to reset the content to the inital state and to save the content as 3D polygon model (*.stl, *.obj, *.3ds, *.ply). Thus, modelling with ReconstructMe is getting more easy for a wide range of people. User Defined Settings ReconstructMeQt provides default and user defined settings wich can be edited at runtime. These include sensor selection, configuration selection, license applying and OpenCL device selection. Hardware Keys The ReconstructMeSDKs licensing process is based on some anonymized hardware keys such as CPU ID. The GUI provides a functionality to get them easily. Download :

Download :

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