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Friday, June 10, 2011

cheat Ninja Saga Platinum Hack Edition 10 June 2011

cheat Ninja Saga Platinum Hack Edition 10 June 2011
Released : 10 June 2011
Tools :
[-].swf files

Features :
[-]Rare Pet Pet Hack
[-]Auto Leveling
[-]Token Hack
[-]999 Atrributes Hack

The way is same as the other cheat taht requires fiddler2 to works

How To :
Facebook > Ninja Saga > Shop

PASS : www.nyxzryu.,tk >> use Comma's

Spoiler for : Click For Download...

Credit :
[-] GKS(godknowsScripter)

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11 komentar:

muhammad aditia said...

mana token hacknya kk

Anonymous said...

i don't need token if i were you..
'cause this cheat provides 999 Atribbutes thats very nice..

agus_chandra111 said...

emnk adav pas nya gan.....?????????????????????gak work lagi ya gan..?

Hackazer said...

masih work gan...
coba aja..

andi Deamon ns said...

but I need more tokens than all this cheat

andi Deamon ns said...

passwordx apa gan

andi Deamon ns said...

ngga mau masuk
www.nyxzryu.,tk >> use Comma's
password salah sumpah

Anonymous said...

pass : www.nyxzryu.,tk

pakai titik sama koma om..

AKATSUKI said...

[-]Rare Pet Pet Hack >>> not work
[-]Auto Leveling >>> work
[-]Token Hack.....????
[-]999 Atrributes Hack >>> repres the page

gmna gannnnnnnnnnnnn...????????

Hackazer said...

Rare pet hack nya yang error yang mana om ??

Atan Cellular said...

Rare pet dah gk workk

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