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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cheat Army Attack Gold Hack 12 July 2011

cheat Army Attack Gold Hack 12 July 2011
Released : 12 July 2011

Features :
[-]Item Hack
[-]Coin / Gold Hack

Tools :
# Firefox/Chrome
# Cheat Engine

How to :
# Open Cheat Engine
# Select plugin-container.exe (firefox users) or chrome.exe (google chrome user)
# Scan current amount of coins
# Keep clicking on Next Scan until only a few addresses remain
# Click on the red arrow to edit all the addresses.
# Select all the address (ctrl+A) and change the value to a value That you wants.
# Now just purchase the item you want.
# The game will get an error, but on refresh the item is still there.
# Working and savable!

Credit :

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4 komentar:

Anonymous said...

not working ...can u get us another new hack for this game plz??

Adn said...

Cheat engine only edit from client side at least for this game and not working , can u please get another working hack for this game by fiddler or any other it's really annoing and can't find any where and i like ur blog very much so keep the good work.
best wishes

Hackazer said...

but this cheats is permanent.
yeah i know Cheat Engine Is Almostly Use Client Side, But not For All..
Thanks For your support, I'll Try The Best..

Adn said...

I did all the steps but after the game refresh the item is not existed...

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