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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cheat Ninja Saga NS Hacks v 3.0 update 27 July 2011

cheat Ninja Saga NS Hacks v 3.0 update 27 July 2011

Released : 27 July 2011

Tools :

[●] Fiddler2
[●] Browser
[●] .swf files

Features :
[●] Pet Hacks
[●] Damage Hacks
[●] Shark Skin Sword weapon hack
[●] S14 Elite Latina clothes hack
[●] Dark Evil Sickel Back item Hack
[●] Pet Damage Hacks
[●] Keiko Damage Hacks
[●] Chicko Damage Hacks
[●] Leiko Damage Hacks
[●] Inokuchi Damage Hacks

The way is same as the other cheat that requires fiddler2 to works

How To :
[●] Equip weapon kunai
[●] equip body newbie costume male lvl 1
[●] Equip back item ninja bag
[●] After Equip the Requirements above, Refresh NS with fiddler2 Status 'ForceOn'

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[-]NH [Me]

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5 komentar:

Anonymous said...

Aslm kak back item nya gak permanet gan..

Anonymous said...

kak cheat TP dong klo ada cheat TP nya saya fllow ama blog kmu bley gak kak,cheat tp nya

Atan Cellular said...


Anonymous said...

cheat token permanent ada gak gan?

Hackazer said...

iya ini cit kga permanent om..
kalau permanent nanti rawan banned..
cit TP akan saya usahakan.. :)

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